Published: 7 months ago

So excited about this bread! 🍞My Mom has literally been telling me to try this recipe for a year.....I always said no because our stove at home was so old and burnt everything. Very discouraging. 😫😫 But! we finally got a gas tech out to run a propane line for us to hook up the new stove which has literally been sitting in our house for 3 yrs+🤔 . . . Life can get so busy, hectic and exhausting, it can be unbearable to fathom the thought of executing something that should in reality, be very easy. Pushing things aside, avoiding facing that item on your to do list? Procrastination can mean your plate is too full and you need to step back and carve out some time to de-stress.🥴 This was very true for me. Unfortunately it took a full blown pandemic to make me realize this. . .. . I hope you all are carving out a little time to get your wish list done, to read that book, try that new recipe, go for a beautiful hike, or get that stove installed!❤👍 . . . . #relax #getitdone #stopprocrastinating #maketime #lowcarbbread #ketobread #realfood #fromscratch #cambridgeontario #cbridge #kwawsome #nutritioncoach #newstove #happy
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