Published: 8 months ago

A few nourishing meals for an AIP meal plan. The Auto Immune Paleo Protocol or sometimes called the Elimination diet aims to simplify the diet, reduce possible triggers for gastrointestinal upset and immune system flair up. This is usually followed for 6 weeks to allow the body to re-set and then followed by slow reintroduction of foods one at a time to pinpoint what one may be sensitive too. . . . If your Health Care practitioner has suggested you try a protocol such as this and you feel a bit overwhelmed, remember your not alone! Learning to cook with new foods and finding specialty products can be frustrating and takes time and patience. Hang in there, and your body will begin to respond by giving you more energy, mental clarity and things will get easier as you go. . . . . . #virtuouskitchen #cambridgeontario #holisticnutrition #csnn #RegisteredHolisticNutritionist #mealprep #AIP #paleo #learntocook #youcandoit #mentalenergy #foodforhealth
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