Published: 7 months ago

SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS LOVELY START TO MY FIRST WEEKEND OFF IN HONESTLY CAN'T REMEMBER WHEN! Grateful that I could swing by the @hespelervillagemarket after work (they operate 3pm-7pm each Friday!) My purchase included... . . 1. A large jug of dark maple syrup from Len and Linda Acres who also sells the most delicious raw honey! 2. No spray beets from a kind lady whom I did not catch her name 3. Red wine @pillitteriwines (ummm so good by the way!) 4. Ground pastured lamb from @topmarketfamilyfarms (the "farmers daughter" was such a good sales lady and convinced me to try the ground lamb for my chili and she was totally right-marvelous!) 5. A wonderful anti-fungal salve for my 3 yr old from (which is the most amazing product line-home grown and hand pressed herbs!) They also have a "bug off " and "first-aid" so much better than polysporon etc. And she is so knowledgeable 🙂 6. Kale, corn, super crunchy beans, Broccoli & samples of cherry tomatoes from @brantwoodfarms (which is amazingly fresh and shr can gladly do custom orders for bushels of beets or pickling cucumbers!👀💚 yes!) . . . YOU MUST GO CHECK THEM OUT. They host weekly kids activities and cool workshops such as watercolour painting and more! ALSO, MANY OF THESE VENDORS CAN BE FOUND AT THE @prestontownemarket Thursdays from 9-1 ish. . . . Side note...we will be participating at the Hespeler Market starting as early as next Friday! Details to come. 🙂 Hope to see you all soon. Have a great weekend, I know I will! . . . . . #virtuouskitchen #cambridgeontario #prestonmainstreet #smallbusiness #caterer #ourpreston #catering #guelph #kitchener #kwawsome #cbridge #onecambridge #hespeler #farmersmarket #localproduce #eatlocal #eatseasonal #seasonalproduce
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