Published: 3 months ago

BEEN WAITING ALL DAY FOR THIS! The grass is nice and wet, the sun is trying to come back out, it's a little humid, but it smells fresh and earthy. 😌 . . GET OUTSIDE AND GET THOSE BARE FEET ON THE GROUND. 😎 EARTHING IS ACTUALLY A THING AND RECONNECTING TO THE EARTHS ENERGY CAN LOWER YOUR CORTISOL (THE STRESS HORMONE), REDUCE INFLAMMATION, REDUCE PAIN, AND HELP YOU SLEEP BETTER! . . I personally try and get my feet outside everyday when the weather is nice. And soak up the vitamin D while we can. Some Nutritionists are calling earthing or grounding "vitamin G". Both are free and just waiting for us to take advantage! 🥰 . . . #virtuouskitchen #cambridgeontario #prestonmainstreet #smallbusiness #holisticnutrition #csnn #RegisteredHolisticNutritionist #grounding #earthing #theearthismajical #grateful #relaxing
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